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 {{:​color:​color_replacer_2.0_options.png|}} {{:​color:​color_replacer_2.0_options.png|}}
 +  * **Include Library colors in replace list**
 +  * **Only include Library colors matching Document Color Mode**: For example if your document is CMYK only CMYK colors will be showing in the replace with dropdown
 +  * **Edit existing Spot/Global Colors** If checked you can change the formula of spot colors, this will change the color in the swatches panel and all artwork using the color will also change. Not checked by default
 +  * **Find closest matching Colorbook Color**
 +  * **Number of matches to show** ​
 ==== Release Notes ==== ==== Release Notes ====
   * ** Version 2.0.0 **   * ** Version 2.0.0 **