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 +===== Using Presets =====
 +Most PowerScipts include the option of saving and loading presets. A preset saves all the different options you selected in the PowerSciprt.
 +  * **Saved Settings List**: The drop-down lists all your saved presets, just select one from the list to instantly load the saved options for the PowerScript.
 +  * **Save**: Once you have set all the options in the current PowerScript,​ click save and enter a descriptive name to save the options.
 +  * **Delete**: To remove a preset from the list, select it from the drop-down, then click Delete
 +  * **Export**: Select a saved preset from the drop-down, then click Export to save the currently selected preset to an external file, This can then be shared with co-workers etc
 +  * **Import**: Import allows you to load exported presets. Click Import, select the file and it will be added to the preset list.