PowerScripts Release Notes

To see the changes and release notes of Individual PowerScripts, select the PowerScript from the menu and scroll down to release notes.

Known Issues

  • Some controls do not adjust colors for lighter themes

Version 3.5.00

  • Added: Simplified License Key when registering, so its a simple copy and paste
  • Updated: Datatable Color Selection support spot colors
  • Added: Datatable Dropdowns
  • Added: AiMenu Commands support for scripts
  • Fixed: Better checks when default Adobe folder no longer exists or is not writable
  • Fixed: Color replace bug on gradients
  • Fixed: Some compound paths can not be read because they appear invalid, added support to fix the compound path
  • Added: Sport for color replace tolerances > 0.1
  • Fixed: Bug Fixes and minor updates

Version 3.4.27

  • Added: Additional checks and better error reporting for registration issues on OS X
  • Added: Simplified activation process for bulk licenses
  • Updated: Additional Logging for improved support
  • Fixed: Bug Fixes and minor updates

Version 3.4.20

  • Fixed: Resize Panel in CC2019
  • Minor Fixes

Version 3.4.18

  • Fixed: Data table fixes to checkboxes
  • Fixed: General Bug fixes
  • Updated: Moved Enabled column in preferences
  • Other internal updates and features for future PowerScript releases

Version 3.4.16

  • Fixed: Some tables reporting ERR_NOT_FOUND when changing data
  • Updated: Serial number now self checks and reports if the error is with the username, email or serial number entered.
  • Added: Internet Connection check when registering, Lets you know if PowerScripts can connect to the server or not

Version 3.4.14

  • Fixed: Saved Presets not working on some installs

Version 3.4.13

  • Added: Color previews to tables
  • Fixed: Bug with some email formats causing scripts to not load.
  • Added: new internal features to support newer PowerScripts
  • Added: Option to sort tables
  • Updated: Better error reporting and checking when writing files
  • Fixed: If a table fails to save you will get an Error message
  • Various: Bug Fixes
  • Added: Privacy Policy to License

Version 3.4.7

  • Fixed bug where trial license would expire

Version 3.4.6

  • Updated: License system so trial and time-limited scripts can be added to existing Full License installs without requiring the user to install a separate trial.
  • Fixed: Issue where trials sometimes expire at the end of the month, trials will now run for the full 30 days
  • Added: When showing registered user a partial serial number displayed so it's easier to identify which license is being used
  • Fixed: Issue where no warning was shown when exporting presets with no preset selected
  • Updated: “Report Issue…” to now select the current script
  • Updated: Installed script list in preferences, now shows which scripts are trials and when they expire.
  • Added: show the number of trial days left in the footer
  • Fixed: bugs with licenses
  • Fixed: Cache clears when scripts reloaded
  • Various bug fixes

Version 3.4.3

  • Improved loading document swatches into ColorBooks
  • Fixed bug saving presets where some controls were being saved unnecessarily
  • Error where some saved presets would not fully reload all saved settings
  • Added “Online Help” link to the flyout menu
  • Various bug fixes

Version 3.4.2

  • Turned off Auto height for some drop-down menus
  • Added “Report Issue” to flyout menu to allow users to easily submit issues and send error logs
  • Fixed new lines in tables retaining selected values and default values
  • Visibility state of UI accordions can be saved and loaded as defaults or presets.
  • Fixed dropdowns working sporadically in CC2018
  • CC2018 compatibility fixes
  • Various bug fixes

Version 3.4.0

  • Added support for CC2018

Version 3.3.31

  • Option to re-download all the scripts and overwrite existing files

Version 3.3.00

  • OSX Support

Version 3.2.10

  • Scripts installed to their own sub-folder by default
  • Fixed registration bug
  • Fixed deactivation bug

Version 3.2.9

  • Script Caching for much faster reload times
  • Detailed Debug Logging and Error Reporting
  • Trial Mode

Version 3.2.8

  • Select which scripts icons are on the toolbar
  • Check folders on boot
  • Simplified Error messages and PRAM Error restart message
  • Help button links to webpage
  • Added tabs to Data tables
  • Support for multiple Languages in Scripts
  • Support for pre-prease scripts
  • Added unitnumbers as a type of input so users can enter in measurement units with numbers
  • Version control for updates to ensure clients get the right script

Version 3.2.7

  • General bug fixes

Version 3.2.6

  • Fixed bug saving config file to network drives
  • Added System Preferences, starting with units
  • Added ICC Colour Profile Support
  • Read AI Colour Settings, and pass colour profile names with ARGS
  • Scripts can now be pushed from server to the app for new installs

Version 3.2.5

  • Updated bug where script updates could fail without warning

Version 3.2.3

  • Extension can now download its own updates

Version 3.2.2

  • new format and new location for configuration files

Version 3.2.1

  • Security update for scripts
  • Download script updates from the net
  • Pre-loading animation circle
  • Tooltip Text on Tooltips
  • Preferences menu to disable or enable individual scripts

Version 3.2.0

  • First public Beta