Download the PowerScripts Updater

The PowerScripts Updater will connect to our servers to automatically download the latest version of PowerScripts. Once installed you can run the PowerScripts Updater anytime in the future to install updates.

System Requirements
• Windows PC or Apple MacOS (OS X)
• Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud 2015 or later installed
• An active Internet connection.

Download for Windows v2.3.5     Download for macOS v2.3.5

If you are having problems installing to Illustrator 2021, visit

How to Install PowerScripts

Step 1: Install the PowerScripts ZXP Updater

  • Close Adobe Illustrator
    Note: You do not need to uninstall or deactivate any previous powerScript installations before installing this update.
  • Download and install the PowerScripts ZXP Updater for Windows or OSX
    • On Windows, Unzip the installer, and run the exe to install
    • On Apple OSX, Copy the file to your Application Folder, then RIGHT CLICK or Control-click on the PowerScripts Updater and select open to run
    • If you see any security warnings, see the bottom of this page for help
  • Run the PowerScripts ZXP Updater, then click [Download & Install] to install the latest version of PowerScripts to Adobe Illustrator

Step 2: Enable the extension in Illustrator

  • Run Adobe Illustrator
  • From the window menu choose Extensions > PowerScripts to open the extension

  • We recommend docking the PowerScript panel so it will automatically load every time you start illustrator
  • Follow the steps in PowerScripts to register and activate the extension.
  • View complete documentation on the wiki for installing PowerScripts

Installation Security Issues

As a small independent developer I don't currently pay the high fees or jump through red-tape required to register as an identified developer with Apple or Microsoft or sell through their App stores which would require me to charge you more to cover the additional store fees.

During installation you might get these scary looking warnings, you can safely bypass these to install the software. This software safe to use and not malicious, a scan / check with your anti-virus software will verify this.

Thank you for supporting small independent developers!

Apple OS X

To open an unsigned app, you need to RIGHT-CLICK or Control-click the app and select “Open”. This works on macOS Sierra as well as previous versions of macOS. For more information from Apple see

Alternatively on older versions of OSX you can go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy and unblock the Installer. (You may need to do this twice, once for the installer, and a second time for the embedded Adobe ZXP installer.)

Follow the full process here at Apple Support

Windows 10

When installing on windows you may get the error that the install program is from an unidentified developer, This is just a warning as to continue click "More Info" and then [Run Anyway].


If you have any issues installing this software please send a detailed description and screen-shots of the issue to:


Manual Install

To manually install the extension from the command line

  1. Download the ZXP file here
  2. follow the manual installation instructions at the support page here.