PowerScripts Release Notes

To see the changes and release notes of Individual PowerScripts, select the PowerScript from the menu and scroll down to release notes.

How to install the latest version

Run the PowerScript Updater app you have previously installed to automatically download the update: Instructions are here

Please update to ensure that you also get updates to the latest Individual PowerScripts.

Version 3.8.0 (In private testing)

  • Changed supported versions to CC2020 and newer; this is due to a policy update at Adobe which limits the versions you can install from Creative Sloud Subscription to the current version or one earlier version. This limits our ability to test and support older versions of an illustrator.
  • Option to enable auto-updates
  • Option to install the previous version (from 3.8 onwards)
  • Changed the way that the main application updates. Application updates can now be installed without the need to use the external PowerScripts installer once the extension has been installed.
  • Fixed issue creating hotkeys actions
  • Added alternative locations for colourbooks
  • Added support for ASE files to be used as colorbooks (You can export swatches and use them as colorbooks)
  • Removed script install locations options in preferences, as this feature was misunderstood and users would change the install location breaking the application
  • Fixed multi-language template issue
  • Updated about this scriupt

Version 3.7.2

  • Updates and fixes to light UI theme (Checkboxes did not appear to work, other cosmetic improvements)
  • Updates to the registration process including fixes for small screens where some buttons were hidden
  • Updated: Internal debugger
  • Added: Add a 7 day trial of scripts to your existing license from within the menu
  • Updated: Script about shows more information as well as changes
  • Added: Hotfix features allowing for partial live updates\
  • Fixed: Importing saved presets
  • Fixed: Crash on start with CMYK / RGB color transforms
  • Fixed: Drag and Drop resets table scroll
  • Fixed: On OSX, if network share /USERS folder present, settings and scripts failed to load
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.6.2

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 3.6.1

Big Changes for users

  1. New and improved activation process
  2. Hotkeys and QuickKeys
  3. Multi-Language Support
  4. UI Scaling
  5. Illustrator 2022

Important: When you install this update, after the install, please also download the updated PowerScripts as well, as these have been updated to work with the latest version.

Full list of changes:

  • New Features
    • Large update of the code base under the hood, which makes the code easier to manage and update
    • Added: Brand new login process which is now much easier to use
      • Activate using only your email and serial number or license key
      • Login to the store, and retrieve a list of ALL your licenses, so you can easily choose the correct license.
      • Links to the website to help you manage your license.
    • Added: Multi-Language support with built-in google translated languages, please let me know if these automatic translations are not correct.
    • Added: Language editor - You can now manually edit and change the built-in languages, and add in your own translations, including exporting and importing (so you can share them)
    • Added multi language support for Individual PowerScripts, select and remember the desired language for individual scripts from the flyout menu (Scripts will be updated over time)
    • UI Scaling:
      • Change the scaling of the user interface from 100% to 200%,
      • Change the scaling of the Icons from 100% to 200%,
      • Changing letter-spacing - useful for character fonts so increase spacing between characaters
    • Added ability to hide the icons/dropdown selectors
    • Added Hoey Keys and Quick Keys
      • Hot keys so when you press a function key F2 - F11 you can load and run any Powerscript
      • Quick Keys, to bring up a menu so you can press any key on the keyboard to run an action,
    • Add a ICC colour profile folder, this will be scanned in addition to your system colour folder so you can select more colour profiles.
    • Scriptable Actions - Run PowewrScripts from your own scripts, send action commands to PowerScripts to get information on the loaded scripts, change values and run scripts.
  • Minor Updates
    • Tables can be sorted by column (when enabled in the script)
    • Table rows can be reordered by dragging (when enabled in the script)
    • Restart power scripts from the Flyout menu, so you don't need to restart illustrator.
  • Fixes and changes
    • Fixed Bug in ICC Colour management where some profiles would not load if PBC was turned on
    • Fixed: Reading adobe color settings for languages other than English,
    • Fixed: Reading pre-built color libraries for languages other than English,
    • Changed: Method of storing user registered data which better supports Unicode names.
  • Removed
    • Email activation is no longer required

Future updates in the works

  • Updated UI
  • Quick Icons - Run saved settings or an external script from a single icon click, just like Quick Keys

Version 3.5.42

  • Fixed: Issue on OSX which would cause duplicate activations resulting in too many computers activated.

Version 3.5.40

  • Fixed: File/Folder not found issues on OSX with saving to network folders, and network drives having the same folder names as local hard drive folders
  • Updated: Better OSX support for mounted volumes
  • Added: Support for Plugin Scripts, which always run
  • Added: Logging of server request data for better debugging and support
  • Added: Cached Code for improved performance on some scripts
  • Fixed: Unicode names, PowerScripts now fully supports registered names in unicode
  • General Bug Fixes

Version 3.5.30

  • Fixed: Issues with folder permission on Mac
  • Added: Notifications and Plugins for exchanged scripting
  • Added: Preference to remember settings when switching between powerscripts
  • General Bug Fixes

Version 3.5.20

  • Fixed: Bug with profiles which stopped the Color Shotgun and other scripts from working

Version 3.5.19

  • Fixed: UI Light Themes, Fixed overall look and problems using a light theme
  • Added: Support for site licenses to install to many machines at once using a single site-wide license
  • Updated: Registration Process, and UI
  • Fixed issue with saving settings/registering for OSX if connected network drive had a USERS folder which was conflicting with root users folder.
  • Many Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

Version 3.5.00

  • Added: Simplified License Key when registering, so its a simple copy and paste
  • Updated: Datatable Color Selection support spot colors
  • Added: Datatable Dropdowns
  • Added: AiMenu Commands support for scripts
  • Fixed: Better checks when default Adobe folder no longer exists or is not writable
  • Fixed: Color replace bug on gradients
  • Fixed: Some compound paths can not be read because they appear invalid, added support to fix the compound path
  • Added: Support for color replace tolerances > 0.1
  • Fixed: Bug Fixes and minor updates

Version 3.4.27

  • Added: Additional checks and better error reporting for registration issues on OS X
  • Added: Simplified activation process for bulk licenses
  • Updated: Additional Logging for improved support
  • Fixed: Bug Fixes and minor updates

Version 3.4.20

  • Fixed: Resize Panel in CC2019
  • Minor Fixes

Version 3.4.18

  • Fixed: Data table fixes to checkboxes
  • Fixed: General Bug fixes
  • Updated: Moved Enabled column in preferences
  • Other internal updates and features for future PowerScript releases

Version 3.4.16

  • Fixed: Some tables reporting ERR_NOT_FOUND when changing data
  • Updated: Serial number now self checks and reports if the error is with the username, email or serial number entered.
  • Added: Internet Connection check when registering, Lets you know if PowerScripts can connect to the server or not

Version 3.4.14

  • Fixed: Saved Presets not working on some installs

Version 3.4.13

  • Added: Color previews to tables
  • Fixed: Bug with some email formats causing scripts to not load.
  • Added: new internal features to support newer PowerScripts
  • Added: Option to sort tables
  • Updated: Better error reporting and checking when writing files
  • Fixed: If a table fails to save you will get an Error message
  • Various: Bug Fixes
  • Added: Privacy Policy to License

Version 3.4.7

  • Fixed bug where trial license would expire

Version 3.4.6

  • Updated: License system so trial and time-limited scripts can be added to existing Full License installs without requiring the user to install a separate trial.
  • Fixed: Issue where trials sometimes expire at the end of the month, trials will now run for the full 30 days
  • Added: When showing registered user a partial serial number displayed so it's easier to identify which license is being used
  • Fixed: Issue where no warning was shown when exporting presets with no preset selected
  • Updated: “Report Issue…” to now select the current script
  • Updated: Installed script list in preferences, now shows which scripts are trials and when they expire.
  • Added: show the number of trial days left in the footer
  • Fixed: bugs with licenses
  • Fixed: Cache clears when scripts reloaded
  • Various bug fixes

Version 3.4.3

  • Improved loading document swatches into ColorBooks
  • Fixed bug saving presets where some controls were being saved unnecessarily
  • Error where some saved presets would not fully reload all saved settings
  • Added “Online Help” link to the flyout menu
  • Various bug fixes

Version 3.4.2

  • Turned off Auto height for some drop-down menus
  • Added “Report Issue” to flyout menu to allow users to easily submit issues and send error logs
  • Fixed new lines in tables retaining selected values and default values
  • Visibility state of UI accordions can be saved and loaded as defaults or presets.
  • Fixed dropdowns working sporadically in CC2018
  • CC2018 compatibility fixes
  • Various bug fixes

Version 3.4.0

  • Added support for CC2018

Version 3.3.31

  • Option to re-download all the scripts and overwrite existing files

Version 3.3.00

  • OSX Support

Version 3.2.10

  • Scripts installed to their own sub-folder by default
  • Fixed registration bug
  • Fixed deactivation bug

Version 3.2.9

  • Script Caching for much faster reload times
  • Detailed Debug Logging and Error Reporting
  • Trial Mode

Version 3.2.8

  • Select which scripts icons are on the toolbar
  • Check folders on boot
  • Simplified Error messages and PRAM Error restart message
  • Help button links to webpage
  • Added tabs to Data tables
  • Support for multiple Languages in Scripts
  • Support for pre-prease scripts
  • Added unitnumbers as a type of input so users can enter in measurement units with numbers
  • Version control for updates to ensure clients get the right script

Version 3.2.7

  • General bug fixes

Version 3.2.6

  • Fixed bug saving config file to network drives
  • Added System Preferences, starting with units
  • Added ICC Colour Profile Support
  • Read AI Colour Settings, and pass colour profile names with ARGS
  • Scripts can now be pushed from server to the app for new installs

Version 3.2.5

  • Updated bug where script updates could fail without warning

Version 3.2.3

  • Extension can now download its own updates

Version 3.2.2

  • new format and new location for configuration files

Version 3.2.1

  • Security update for scripts
  • Download script updates from the net
  • Pre-loading animation circle
  • Tooltip Text on Tooltips
  • Preferences menu to disable or enable individual scripts

Version 3.2.0

  • First public Beta