Quick Templates

This script is now obsolete and has been replaced with Templator - an updated and much more comprehensive PowerScript

What is Quick Template

Quick templates uses variable data to update the current document or import and update a template document. It was designed to quickly create approval forms and commonly used documents.


  • General find and replace tool.
  • Quick links of commonly used files.
  • Custom input text per file to get the right information.
  • Automatically create job folders and save the file.
  • JSON query a website or internal API to get extra information.
  • Save your settings.
  • Replaces text in the selection or entire document.
  • Use for page numbering.
  • Use document data such as filename, folder, artboard number, total artboards, units, document color, artboard size, date and time.
  • Configure to run everything documents matching filename are opened *.
  • Planned future versions will include ability to use CSV files or query a website for JSON data.

Why is it needed?

In most workflows the designer needs to create approval form. This involves manually importing a file and creating an approval form, then enter in the date, job number and other information onto this form. While this does not take much time this script speeds up the process and simply makes the designers job easier.

How does it work

This script simply replaces text in the document with text specified in the list, By default it will search the entire document or you can select the text to be searched first.