Quick Overview

Quickly add dimensions to technical plans and job visuals.

  • Create horizontal and vertical dimensions with the click of a button.
  • Convert any straight line to a dimension line, combined with illustrators smart guides, this is a quick and powerful way to add dimension lines to any artwork.
  • Add dimension to multiple shapes at once.
  • Choose from standard metric, imperial and printing measurement units.
  • Specify the number of decimal places.
  • Change the color and style of the lines.
  • Specify the scale of the document as a percent or a ratio of 1:20
  • Create angle dimensions.
  • Choose different end-points from Arrows, Circles, Diamonds, Slashes or none.
  • Specify the length and width of end-points
  • Scale the overall appearance including end-points, line thickness and font size to suit your artwork.
  • Option to create all dimensions on a special dimensions Layer
  • Automatically lock and unlock the dimensions layer
  • Calculate the artwork or photo scale by marking the distance between two points and entering the real word measurement
  • Add a keyline around the dimension to make it easy to read on textured backgrounds
  • Manually adjust the label and add text when converting straight lines to dimension lines
  • Create a spot colors for the Dimension Color
  • Set dashed lines for the dimension line with the option to copy it from the selected shape

Auto Dimension

Automatically adds dimensions to a shape based on the path. The path is broken down into segments and converted to line, curve or radius dimensions. Line and Radius segments are automatically joined be they are continuous.

  • Straight line segments are dimensioned as normal
  • Curves are measured for the length along the curve
  • Radiuses are detected and dimensioned, based on the curve

How To

Convert any line to a dimension

  1. Draw a single line or a line with multiple anchors (Using smart-guides ensures the line is straight and aligns with nearby shapes)
  2. Click the [Convert Line to Dimension] Button

Convert any line to a custom dimension

  1. Draw a single line (Using smart-guides ensures the line is straight and aligns with nearby shapes)
  2. Click the [Convert Line to Custom Dimension] Button
  3. Enter any text you like, the default text is the actual dimension

Show inner angle dimension

  1. Draw a 3 point line like a V (Using smart-guides ensures the line snaps to nearby shapes)
  2. Click the [Convert Lines to Inner Angle] Button

Show outer angle dimension

  1. Draw a 3 point line like a V (Using smart-guides ensures the line snaps to nearby shapes)
  2. Click the [Convert Lines to OuterAngle] Button

Scale to appearance for large artwork

  • For large artwork often the dimensions are too small to read clearly, rather than re-adjust all the individual settings just enter in an appearance scale to quickly enlarge or reduce the dimensions

Calculate the scale of artwork

  1. Draw a single straight line which is a know real-world size, for example, the width of a door
  2. Click the [Calculate Scale] Button
  3. Enter the real world size of the line including units
  4. The Artwork scale is updated to the calculated scale
  5. Add dimensions as usual and they will show the real-world size

Add outline to dimension

  • Use on busy, dark or noisy backgrounds
  • You can also change the dimension color

Options Tab

  • Artwork Scale Set the scale of the artwork in Percent or as a Ratio, This can be changed in the Appearance tab
  • Calc Scale Button
    • Draw a straight line on your artwork of a known real-world size
    • Press the Calc Scale Button and enter in the real-world size including size units
  • Decimal Places The number of decimal places to display
  • Round Off Round off to the nearest multiple of a number. For example 0.25 would round off 16.22 to 16.25, Round off of 100 would round 3479.24 to 3500.00
  • Units
  • Add Outline On darker background or where there are overlapping lines add an outline around the dimension text and dimension lines. The appearance of the outline can be changed in the appearance tab
  • Scale Appearance Scale the visual appearance of the dimension lines - this will not change the actual dimension
  • Convert Line to Dimension
    • Using the standard pen tool - draw a straight line which can be a single line between two anchors or have multiple anchors to create multiple dimensions.
    • Click the button and the line will be changed to a dimension line

  • Convert Line to Custom Dimension
    • Using the standard pen tool - draw a straight line using only two anchors
    • Click the button enter any text you like, the default text is the actual dimension

  • Convert Lines to Inner Angle
    • Using the standard pen tool - draw a 3 point line like a V
    • Click the button to convert the lines to angle dimension

  • Convert Lines to Outer Angle
    • Using the standard pen tool - draw a 3 point line like a V
    • Click the button to convert the lines to angle dimension

  • Center Dimension Label
    • Adds the width and height text to the centre of the shape, if Add to Add to dimensions to individual shapes is ticked then each individual shape will have its own label
    • See the appearance tab to change the format of the label text

  • Dimension Buttons
    • There are 5 standard dimension buttons for adding vertical and horizontal dimension lines to selected shapes.

  • Text to the outside If ticked then the dimensions label text will appear on the outside of the dimension line.
  • Add dimensions to individual shapes If ticked then dimensions will be added to all individually selected shapes. If unticked dimensions will be added to the overall selection size.

Appearance Tab

  • Input scale as Choose to set the scale as a Percent or Ratio
  • Offset from shape The distance from the edge of the shape/selection to the dimension line
  • Text Format: Allows you to enter in a custom format for the text,'{unit}' will be replaced by the actual unit value, and '{number}' by the measurement value, 'you can add spaces, characters to just enter in a custom unit.
    • “~{number}{unit}” adds a ~ before all units e.g: “~22inch”
    • “{unit} {number}” puts the units first e.g: “inch 22”
    • “{number} ({unit})” Units will be in brackets e.g: “22 (inch)”
  • Center Label This determines the text used for the center label dimensions, “{w}” and “{h}” are replaced with the shapes width, height and “/” creates a new line. You can change the order or language used to suit your needs.
  • Font Size The dimension label font size
  • Label Offset The distance from the dimension line to the label
  • Line Width The thickness of the dimension line
  • Dimension Color
  • Outline Width The size of the outline - To add an outline tick the checkbox in the Options Tab
  • Outline Color
  • Endcap Style The style of the endcap
  • Endcap Length The length of the endcap
  • Endcap Width The widthof the endcap
  • Add Projection Lines
  • Projection Line Length of the projection lines
  • Beep when done

Supported Units

  • {px} (pixels are the same as points)
  • {pixel}
  • {pixels}
  • {pt}
  • {point}
  • {points}
  • {pc}
  • {pica}
  • {picas}
  • {ci}
  • {cicero}
  • {ciceros}
  • {mm}
  • {millimeter}
  • {millimeters}
  • {cm}
  • {centimeter}
  • {centimeters}
  • {m}
  • {meter}
  • {meters}
  • {km}
  • {kilometer}
  • {kilometers}
  • {“}
  • {in}
  • {inch}
  • {inches}
  • {'}
  • {ft}
  • {foot}
  • {feet}
  • {yd}
  • {yard}
  • {yards}
  • {mi}
  • {mile}
  • {miles}

Release Notes


  • Fixed: Large Canvas detection
  • Updated: UI and layout - added accordions so that sections can be collapsed and hidden
  • Added: Scale and ratio dropdown
    • Create your own lost of scales from the scales tab
    • Option to also set the appearance scale
  • Added: Distance between shapes
    • Measure distance between shapes vertically and horizontally, option to include overlapping shapes
    • Measure distance between centres vertically and horizontally
  • Added: Option to align multiple dimensions so the lines and text align
  • Added: Baseline dimensions, measure the distance from a horizontal or vertical edge to all the shapes
  • Added: Extend projection lines, when adding dimensions between shapes and baselines
  • Added: Option for changing the decimal separator, i.e to a comma.
  • Fixed: Issue where very small measurements in inches, which should be 0, displays as 1 inch
  • Fixed: Removed leading 0 when showing inches as fractions and less than 1 inch
  • Fixed: Auto dimensions uses artwork scale
  • Updated: Layout of text format help in Appearance Tab
  • Minor Updates: Icons in SVG


  • Fixed: An issue when the label offset was zero, and the artwork scale was not 100%, the dimension line would not be split.
  • Added: Auto Dimensions. Automatically add dimensions to a shape, including lines, radius and curve dimensions.


  • Fixed: An issue where fractions would be incorrect some whole numbers, such as 3” would show as 3 1/-4“


  • Added: Feet and Inches option to show 3' 4.25” or 3' 4“ 1/4


  • Fixed: Bug where fractions option would not show


  • Added: Round Off option - Allows you to round off to the nearest 0.25 units or larger than one, i.e round off 10 would change 123.45 to 120.00


  • Added: Option to enter in standard units to unit template, Allowing for multiple units at the same time Such as [{number}{unit} {in}” {mm}mm ]
  • Added: When Label Offset is Zero, the dimension line is split where the text is
  • Added: When label offset is Zero, added the option to scale dimension text to fit.


  • Added: Option to enter in a custom unit template, For example, allows you to add a space before the units or add custom unit text.


  • Updated: Changed Convert Line to Dimension to allow multiple anchors so you can draw a line with lots of anchors and it creates multiple dimension lines.


  • Added: Set the font to use - or just use the default font
  • Added: Use dashes for the dimension line, just enter these dash sizes in points separated by a comma
  • Added: Copy dash style from the FIRST shape found
  • Added: Set the Dimension color as a spot color and specify the spot color name.


  • Added option to show or hide units


  • Added Center Dimensions
  • Added option to place left and bottom dimensions text to the outside


  • Added ability to show Fractions for imperial measurements
  • Added option to add trailing zeros to the set number of decimal places
  • Bug fixes for CC2018