Release Notes


  • Added option to check spelling before creating PDF


  • Fixed issue where UI was crashing


  • Requires PowerScripts 3.4.2
  • CC2018 Compatability Fixes


  • Export artboards as separate files (NEW in 2.0.)
  • Secure the PDF with just a click using a common password
  • Add printers confidence strips for large format printers
  • Export just the currently selected artboard, a range of pages or the entire document
  • Automatically name the PDF, including adding: (NEW in 2.0.0)
    • Custom text
    • Timestamp, weekday name, day, month, year
    • The Linked filename of a placed document
    • Artboard size or name
    • Artboard number
    • Total number of Artboards
    • Exported page count
    • Document color mode (Helps to capture export errors downstream)
    • Document filename
    • Add in custom values which will ask for user input, such as a revision number
  • Set a destination to save (NEW in 2.0.0)
    • Last Exported to Folder
    • Documents Folder
    • Fixed Location
    • Current document working folder
    • Sub folder - creating it if it does not exist
  • Prompt for filenames or save each file without asking
  • Open the destination folder after exporting (NEW in 2.0.0)
  • Set different defaults to use for quick reuse