Color Print Samples PowerScript

This PowerScript is designed to create a list of colors used in your artwork.


Options Tab

  • Source - Where
    • Selection : Lists colors in the selected artwork
    • All Swatches : List all the document swatches
    • Selected Swatches : Lists only the swatches selected
  • Include Process Colors - Include process colors in the list
  • Include full color breakdown -

Layout Tab

  • Font
  • Font Size
  • Text Left Padding - The gap between the color swatch and the color label text
  • Text Offset - Vertical offset - use to move the text up and down
  • Vertical Gutter - Space between each swatch vertically
  • Shape - Special code used to create a shape - you can not edit this but you can select a shape and convert it to this special code
  • [Use Selected Shape as Preview] - Select a new shape you want to be the swatch - and click this button
  • [Reset] - Reset the swatch shape to the default
  • Rows - Maximum number of rows before starting a new column
  • Column Gutter - Distance between columns
  • Move to a default position on the artboard - Use to always place in a fixed position RELATIVE to the current artboard.