3rd party ZXP installers

You can install PowerScripts using any 3rd party ZXP installer, such as

Step 1: Download and Install Anastasiy’s Extension Manager

Go to https://install.anastasiy.com and download and installer their Extension Manager (This is a 3rd party installer and not maintained by O2 Creative)

Step 2: Download the PowerScripts ZXP File

download the latest version ZXP file here powerScripts-Win-OSX-R3.6.2.zxp

Step 3: Install
  • Open the Anastasiy’s Extension Manager
  • Remove all existing PowerScipt Installs, Check both “Illustrator” and “Illustrator 2022” are empty
  • Click the install button and select the ZXP file you downloaded
  • The extension manager will install PowerScripts to the correct Location
  • One it installs successfully, you will see PowerScripts listed when you select Illustrator product in the right pane
  • Close the Extension Manager
  • Run Illustrator

Register in Illustrator

Step 1: Run Illustrator and start PowerScripts
  • Run Adobe Illustrator, Then from the window menu choose Extensions > PowerScripts
  • We recommend docking the PowerScript panel so it will automatically load every time you start illustrator

Step 2: Accept the License Agreement

Step 3: Select your Language

Languages have been automatically translated using google translate, you can change and edit your language in the preferences including exporting them.

We would love to hear from you with suggested changes to the translations to help improve PowerScript

Once installed, you can change the UI scale and letter spacing to better suit your language.

Step 4: Enter in your registered email

Enter in the email used to purchase the license. This must be the www.o2creative.co.nz/store email used when purchasing.

Step 5: Select Licence method

Select the method to enter in your license

  • Store Login - Using this method you can see ALL your purchased licenses, and select one to use, recommend if you purchased multiple different licenses
  • Enter Serial Number - Use this method for a single purchase or if you only have a serial number or license key

Step 5a: Store Login

If you selected store login, from step 5, enter in your password for the store

Step 5b: Enter Serial Number

If you selected Enter Serial Number, from step 5, enter in your serial number OR license key, either will work.

New purchases will be given a License Key, this is a long string of letters around 150 characters long, Copy and paste this into the box

Step 6: Select your License

You will be downing a selection of licenses, scroll down and click “Use this License”

From this window, you can

  • View all your licenses (If you logged in to the store)
  • Link to the Store to manage your licenses online, such as moving scripts or deactivating computers.
  • For each license
    • See the license information
    • See which purchases and scripts are assigned to them
    • View which computers are activated on the license

Step 7: Name your computer

Enter in a friendly name for your computer, this will show on your license, and make managing which computers are activated easier.

Step 8: Download the PowerScripts

Then first run PowerScripts will check online and prompt to download the latest scripts, Click the download button to install your PowerScripts, then restart Illustrator.

Step 9: Installation Complete

You can now use PowerScripts