Step & Repeat

Step & Repeat Options

  • Sheet Quantity: If above zero, then it will calculate the horizontal and vertical copies for you. If you also manually change Horz Copies or Vert copies with other value will auto-update based on the method selected below
    • Auto Update (Balanced Grid) : Will calculate the grid size closest to the desired quantity and a 1:1 ratio
    • Auto Update (Even Grid) : Will calculate the grid size closest to a 1:1 ratio
    • Auto Update (Exact Quantity) : Will calculate the grid size exactly matching the quantity required


  • Added: Page Borders
  • Added: Crop selection to Rectangle or Circle (ellipse)
  • Fixed: Bug where cutting path and fit to page would miss align


  • Added: Cut Paths, Create Cutting Paths as Spot Colors for
    • Gutters / Center of Cutter
    • Item shapes as Circles, Rectangles, Rounded Rectangles
    • Outer Frame
  • Updated: Labels so that the document path and filename can be added


  • Updated: Changed to 3 decimal places on bleed and gutter spacing based on user feedback.


  • Updated: Allowed 2 decimal places on size inputs
  • Added: Tabbing between input fields selects the preselects the text


  • Added: Template for scale note text, so it's easy to customize


  • Added: Option to group crop marks
  • Added: Scale option - Apply scale to only the artwork or the final layout
  • Added: Option to include scale text note
  • Updated: Changed size inputs to be unit numbers so any unit can be used not just mm


  • Fixed: Bug where “Fill artboard” option would mess up ungrouped artwork
  • Added: Option to create a new Artboard