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Engraving PowerScale Test Generator

Updated August 2023 ~ Fixed issue with not being able to select the correct output shape type.
This form will create an advanced lightburn powerscale file to test engraving speed and power settings.

Power Percents Explained

The way this test chart is generated will depend on your controller:

Controllers with Min and Max Power:
All test patches for a set speed are created on the same layer, and each shape has its own power scale set, this allows 100 power levels per speed, and up to 31 speed settings.
The power scale is a percentage BETWEEN the min and max output power settings and not the absolute power. So with a Output Max Power of 70% and an Output Min Power of 20%, setting a 50% power scale will result in an actual 45% laser power (Halfway between 20% and 70%).
This form will calculate the correct values for you and label the actual power and power scale in the axis!

Important:The controller Start Speed and Min Power rules still supersede all operations. If your speed is set at or below these settings in the controller, only the Min Power setting is used.

Controllers with Max Power Only:
Only the max power setting is used, and each individual test will be on its own later. Lightburn limits the number of layers to 32, due to controller limitations. So only a maximum 31 test patches will be generated

This is a unsupported generator, no guarantees or support!


Power Settings

If you are unsure, check lightburn and see if the min power settings in your layer option is enabled.

Power Range

This is the percentage of power for the test layer (Not the total power)

Speed Range




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